Pastor’s Soul Care Retreat – Testimonials

I had the privilege of attending a Soul Care Retreat with Pastor Peter Cusick in June 2018. It was the first time I have ever been part of something like this. And it will be not be the last. The entire retreat was rich and gave me a deeper and more meaningful understanding of prayer, meditation, reflection, and most importantly relationship with God. As a result of attending the Soul Care Retreat my journey forward since with God has been much more contemplative with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

K. J.


I took part in a pastors soul care day with Pastor Peter Cusick. The Lord met me there and showed me a new aspect of Himself that contributed to a deepening of my relationship with Him. I would highly encourage anyone to take part in this love offering that Peter gives the Body of Christ.

D. S.


The pastor soul care days provided the time I needed to hear from God. Pastor Peter provided excellent teaching and gave us ample time alone with God. I have attended several soul care days and would definitely attend again – each time is unique and previous!


K. S.


As a lead pastor, when I first heard about Beside Peaceful Streams from Peter, he caught my full attention.  Pastoring too often seems to demand so much of my life that I would find myself running on low or empty. I was hungry to explore fresh ways to engage the Lord and replenish my spirit and heart.
Beside Peaceful Streams has opened those doors and when I go there the Lord is faithful every time.

Following His Heart,

J. B.