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Want More Involvement from Pew Sitters?
Revolutionize Church!

If you were to ask pastors what dilemmas they face, probably one of the following three issues would emerge:

• leadership burnout, with only a few core volunteers doing most ministry tasks;
• inadequate finances, with only a handful of members tithing on a weekly regular basis; and
• immature faith, with fewer prayer-focused members and committed daily scripture readers.

Do these problems sound familiar? Do you want solutions to these problems? Do you need a way to increase involvement from pew sitters?

The Blueprint is an exciting journey into a new way of doing church. Church is about family. Family is about participating. The Blueprint takes its readers into the book of Ephesians to see new possibilities of ministry. The authors believe that every person has a sweet spot. Something that really excites them. Something that makes them get out of bed in the morning. The Blueprint has answers! It lays out a fresh understanding for church involvement and the pursuit of a ministry-focused lifestyle.

While this book began as a blueprint for one specific church, the St. Thomas Pentecostal Church, now renamed LifeHouse, it outlines many principles of value to other congregations willing to move into a new vision for the days ahead.

“Purposeful, prophetic, pastoral, personal, and practical! The Blueprint is written in a way that will connect with your head and your heart, inspiring you to consider new possibilities and new perspectives for ministry leadership in the local church. This is not a time for the Church to shrink from the cultural conversations, but rather to walk worthy of the call of Christ, to step into our gifts, and to serve the world around us. The outcome of putting the words of this book into practice will be transformed lives—firstly, yours, and then of those around you.”
—Rich Janes, President, Master’s College and Seminary