Valuable beyond Words!
Through my Spiritual Direction sessions with Peter Cusick, he has helped me effectively explore and interpret many of my experiences with God, deepen my relationship with God, and figure out how to integrate many helpful spirituality disciplines in my daily life and ministry. We have spoken through many important decisions and changes related to my life and ministry and he has helped me remain anchored to my purpose and calling through it all. He has created a safe place for me to share my struggles, fears, desires and joys and listened patiently and attentively, all without judgement or criticism. From Peter, I have received the encouragement and guidance that I have needed to grow and mature in my walk with God as well as in my work for Him. I am blessed to have had him on this journey with me!

Missionary with PAOC

There was a soft and sweet presence of the Father during this week end. The Father’s heart was beating through Pastor Cusick. This week end brought strong but simple lessons on how to let Holy Spirit take over as we pray and settle our flesh down to hear from Him.

In terms of meditation / assimilation: To sit still in His presence; worship both private and corporate and confession of God’s Word both concerning first who you are and what God has made you in Christ and also confession against the mountains that are in your life; this weekend was a blessing for me and those who came with me.

Pastor M.O