Peter Offers a Variety of Services

Spiritual Direction
Peter offers one on one client care. These sessions —monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly are food for the soul. Spending an hour quieting yourself and sharing one’s spiritual journey and life is invigorating and incredibly helpful.

What some recent clients are saying:

Everyone hears, few listen. Peter listens!!
Personal and personalized soul care.
Peter gives the gift of deep listening and deep insight.
When the questions run so deep, when they are too much to bear, you can trust Peter to walk with you, give you comfort, and share the Spirit’s wisdom.
Peter has a unique combination of experience and knowledge that shows up as wisdom. Coupled with his excellent ability to ask questions, he has become a trusted spiritual director
Spiritual insight for wholeness and vitality
Peter is able to see and tap into life issues that need attention and focus, in a way that promotes growth and direction.
Peter is uniquely qualified to interpret though his thorough understanding of scripture, human nature and solutions to problems that pastors and other Christians face as they attempt to navigate the path of life

Soul Care
He is available to come for an evening, one day session, or a couple of days in a retreat format. Various spiritual disciplines, activities, prayer focus —-enabling individuals and groups to care for their minds, souls, and bodies. Often, we are stuck spiritual, tired, and worn out and in need of time to refresh, recover, and rest.

Pulpit Supply
He has been preaching for 43 years and has ministered at district camps, overseas missions events, and in local churches with an emphasis on Holy Spirit. He is available for special events, services, or pulpit supply.

“Peter has served our District Family on multiple occasions as both a conference and camp speaker.  He is a gifted, humorous communicator who clearly identifies Biblical truth and applies it very effectively across a diverse context of listeners.  Peter brings a conviction of the value of Spirit baptism and its resulting empowerment as essential for witness, and practical insights and applications for Spirit-filled living.  As a trained musician, he has been known to “toot his own horn” by offering the occasional saxophone solo – always well received!”

Craig Burton, Superintendent,
Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District

Board and Leadership Development
Spiritual development of teams is one of the things in which he specializes. Using several activities and programs he has helped teams grow and develop as a strong spiritual unit.
Examples of topics and teachings are:
Pursuing God’s will together
Spiritual gifts; recognition and development
False self vs True Self
Listening to and discerning the voice of God
Succession planning of lead pastor

Inner Healing
He uses some of his own materials but also uses Steps to Freedom in Christ

Here is a testimony from a recent client!
Hi Peter,
    I want to share with you a bit of what studying “The Steps to Freedom in Christ” has done for me, and how helpful it has been in my walk with Jesus Christ.
    Firstly, it has made me very aware of why I was struggling with certain things that I’ve been wrestling with my whole life. I have identified these struggles and denounced them. I’ve given them to the Lord and asked him to remove them from my life through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    I’ve also learned that Satan had planted lies in my mind. I have been able to identify and reject them. I’m now free to believe the truth of what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing in my life.
    The Lord has shown me the power of prayer and that I have the power to demand Satan and all evil spirits to leave my presence and not return.

Concerts of Prayer and Prayer emphasis
He has held the position of prayer coordinator for Western Ontario District for several years. Leading and developing a prayer focus/concert(s) of prayer is something he can offer your assembly.