Spiritual Direction

Peter was attentive and listened very well;
knew when to talk and when not to talk
extremely helpful and personal
felt understood; edified each meeting
felt listened to and loved by his ministry

He walked me through tough issues and struggles;
fabulous job of helping find centre;
don’t feel alone;
sessions like gold for me
Peter’s knowledge and wisdom helped me get closer to God and understand what God saying personally to me
Peter asked great questions. He was sensitive to Holy Spirit’s direction; and discerning God’s presence and voice in my present spiritual journey; Peter helped me approach things realistically and he intervened at appropriate times with insight and feedback that was Biblical and godly; There is good emphasis on prayer and word of God

I was very impressed overall;
very pleased;
I was being stretched in unbelievable ways;
I was being understood in place of uncertainty and fear;

- One on One Client Care participants

I appreciated the day very much! Thank you for organizing it. Before coming I had been struggling with taking the whole day when I had several other pressing things I could be doing. However, I had to concede that taking opportunity to deepening my relationship with the Lord was far more important. The Lord further facilitated taking advantage of the time by allowing my to forget to bring my iPhone so it could not interrupt me. 

I thought Peter Cusick did an excellent job of providing insightful direction to the day through spiritual exercises, and informative material that encouraged us to understand biblical truths about  God’s father qualities, and what being His son or daughter really is about. I appreciated the insights into variations of prayer that I could use to enhance my quiet time with God.
Peter’s personality contributed to the experience. He is genuine and open about his own relationship with God and the journey it has taken in his life and has a good sense of humour. He made it easy for us to be open with God and with each other.
There was nothing that I can think of that I would change.

a Church Elder


Why I Enjoyed the Prayer Retreat
I found this retreat to be very educational and relaxing. Before I attended I was having a hard time making a prayer connection to God. This retreat taught me how to make that connection and now my prayer life (the way I pray and the connection I now feel) has completely changed. I also find the responses that I am receiving from God are more frequent, exact, and more personal. I was deeply blessed by God before this Retreat but now because of my renewed prayer life I have a better understanding of exactly how great His love for me really is, and I also realize the importance of not only praying but giving the Lord my thanks and my praise.
I thank God for giving you the guidance and wisdom, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to create this wonderful retreat and may God bless this ongoing process for you so that you may continue to change people’s lives through His word.
Many Thanks


Hi Pastor, I just wanted to let you know that I was so blessed by this weekend of the prayer retreat. I certainly would look forward to going to another one.
I felt at peace I felt closer to the Lord and hearing him speak into my life. I have become stronger in my faith and in my walking. I have been walking farther and faster than I have since I ended up in my wheelchair in 2010. I also have been pain free.
I’m thankful for the family of God all my brothers and sisters in Christ, what a wonderful time together with fellowship and having time just to have, one on one with Jesus in a quiet setting. To me that’s what a retreat is all about. You did an awesome job with the organization of this event. I am thankful that you were obedient to doing these retreats, now that I have been to one, I’m excited to go to the next one.
Thank you Lord for laying this retreat on Pastor’s heart, may he have the strength and desire to continue to bless us through these retreats, and bless him for his love for You, and his obedience to Your Word. In Jesus Name i pray, Amen.
It was nice to be able to talk to you and get to know you and Ruth a little more, God bless you, and thank you again for a wonderful weekend.



There was a soft and sweet presence of the Father during this week end. The Father’s heart was beating through Pastor Cusick. This week end brought strong but simple lessons on how to let Holy Spirit take over as we pray and settle our flesh down to hear from Him.

In terms of meditation / assimilation: To sit still in His presence; worship both private and corporate and confession of God’s Word both concerning first who you are and what God has made you in Christ and also confession against the mountains that are in your life.
This weekend was a blessing for me and those who came with me.